It’s Over!


Well, I was in for the th- I don’t know really’th time! I went solo this time to actually see what the serious view of this jam is all about.

Serious as my work area:

After tasting the sweet glory of using a second screen for game development, I simply HAD to do it again, but since I’m a cheap boy I just plugged my T.V. (hope it doesn’t burn my eyes, though). Oh, and that fan, it isn’t for me, it is to cool down my crappy PC (it didn’t cool it down).

I wasn’t able to catch up with the guys at La Cordée doing Ludum Dare Paris, so I did a small poster as a homage to the good times during the last compo:

And thank you guys for signing it back! Hope you all did well this compo and ate lots of pizza! :)

Alright, now the game.

I worked for the first time on the jam and HELL, it was horrible. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun but not as much as working with some mates like in Ludum Dare Paris or my self-made jams with friends. Without mentioning that family slept over in the house, and well, I won’t ignore my guests.

But anyways, I worked on the game, and thank you all for finally choosing a theme I liked (though I don’t think it has a lot of diversity possibilities) but I got overhyped for my idea which was probably not that original/great (I just hope I was good enough to compensate it with nice gameplay).

If you played my previous Ludum Dare games, Hell Hole and One Man Army, you may have noticed that I have this obsession with making cute, puffy characters doing explosions and lots of screen shakes. This time I decided to try to do it a little bit the other way around, a little bit more serious and different art style (heck, I didn’t even use my tablet).

img004 img005 img006

img007 img008 img003


A few sketches I did during the jam

I didn’t sleep for two whole days, and it was odd, my brain simply couldn’t make basic math and I think I saw a few eye illusions, which creeped me out.

There’s not much to say, really. It’s just a game about a futuristic guy fighting stone giants. I didn’t put all I wanted to be in the game because time limitations, which was a story and background art. But I’m pretty happy about how the gameplay turned out. Have some screenshots.





Maybe I’ll post the timelapse if my computer doesn’t burn down while rendering. In the meantime, go play the game, won’t you?


Anyways, as always, it was great to be in a jam again. I am really, really tired and I’m going to sleep now. Thanks for reading this post or playing the game or both, I love you ««<333

G’nite! I think I’ll rate some games tomorrow.


My Ludum Dare 30 “I’m In” video. #LD48

TheGreenTie 2014

TheGreenTie 2014

TheGreenTie 2014
I tought I needed to have an avatar that resembled myself much more&#8230; and by that I mean MUCH more.
I think this looks shitty as hell. I need to try again.

TheGreenTie 2014

I tought I needed to have an avatar that resembled myself much more… and by that I mean MUCH more.

I think this looks shitty as hell. I need to try again.

I think I&#8217;m up to something&#8230;

I think I’m up to something…


Daily Dev Doodle #1

I don&#8217;t even know if this is worth my time&#8230; the doodles. Eeh, whatever.

Daily Dev Doodle #1

I don’t even know if this is worth my time… the doodles. Eeh, whatever.

Small Fix

We made a small, quick update for our game Hell Hole.

Version 1.1.1


  • Rebalanced the game: now it takes 3,000 points to reach the boss instead of 5,000.

 Go play the game here, if you haven’t… please? ‘Aight, see y’all soon!

Hell Hole 1.1.1


Love-Crafted Update from Us

So… I kinda, uh… Made a game, but the game was poop, then I pressed some buttons and now it is less poop. You can put your hands on that poop right…. HERE!

ss (2014-04-28 at 09.44.20) (1)



  • Score based on kills rather than depth (SO YOU DON’T RUN AWAY, PUSS!)


  • You can now play with an AZERTY keyboard or with the Arrow Keys (BECAUSE FRENCHIES OR CASUALS OR BOTH!)
  • Major bug that didn’t bring enemies into action (604.37% MORE MOLES, BOY!)
  • Power-ups now spawn every 30 seconds (BECAUSE some WHINED ABOUT THEIR LUCK!)
  • Music stacking when restarting the game (BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC!)
  • Music stacking when using the menu (BECAUSE YOU STILL DON’T HAVE GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC!)

Minor Changes

  • Added “pts.” at the end of the score (SO YOUR LIL’ BRAIN GETS IT!)
  • You can now use an AZERTY keyboard or the Arroy Keys to navigate the menus (I DON’T WANNA MAKE ANY MORE DULL JOKES….)
  • You can use Enter to navigate the menus
  • Pressing ESC during gameplay takes you back to the menu rather than quit
  • Pressing ESC at Options screen takes you back to the menu

Hell Hole 1.1


Jam Entry for Ludum Dare 29


.: Description :. 
Delve to the depths of this gigantic cave as this aerodynamic cowboy while blastic rocket moles and other creatures! Will you beat the boss…? 

.: How to Play :. 
- WASD (Move) 
- Left Click (Shoot) 

.: Credits :. 
Rodrigo Gomez Maitret (Code & Art) 
Marc Gilleron (Sound & Music) 
- We would like to thank the organizers of the Ludum Dare Paris meetup for making this game a reality. #LDParis

Play the game here!

Hell Hole 1.0


My dad works at Nintendo.

Drawing things from memory with mates.



Found this while lurking Facebook. This is a message I sent to my teammates during our second game jam, World Hopper.


I’ve been roaming this forum for so long but I’ve been so quiet, never posted a thing. How about I introduce myself, hmmm?

Born in Mexico on a little state called Veracruz. Since I was a little kid, I loved to watch cartoons with my brother for countless hours, a lot.

At that age, I liked to draw things, and sometimes I drew comics about fictional characters I tought of. Most comics were about a group of cats.

Then I got my first video game console. Unlike most of you folks, my first magical box was a Nintendo 64. It was incredibly gripping, and yet, amazing. It was like watching cartoons but in 3D and I was controlling them with my own fingers! What was this magic?!

As the time passed, around the time I became 8-years old, I got hungry about making video games.

I asked my parents if someday I could be able to make my own video games, they said that I would need to wait until I became 30-years old! I didn’t want to wait that long! I really wanted to make magic happen as soon as possible!

So I plugged the Ethernet cable into our big boxy computer and started searching on Google things like: “How to make your own video game”, most of the results were expensive programs that required lots of confusing knowings of complicated words and sentences to work (yes, I’m talking about programming). 

Later, after couple of search pages a neat website showed up, bragging about a little tool called Game Maker, it was easy to use and free! Without thinking twice I downloaded it and installed it.

Soon I began to wander around the options, it was so easy to use. I made really small games until I became 9-years old when I started working on what I would call my first “full-length” game, which I finished one after one year.
Everything was going neat, each day closer to greatness. Look at that badass 10-year old mexican kid who makes games! Yeah, I was pretty awesome. My dream was comming true and most importantly I was making it happen.

Thanks to that magical place called “The Internet” I’ve been slowly getting better at what I do. Better programmer, better cartoonist, better at the things I love. I’ve managed, at that age, to win two consecutive animation competitions on my state (even though my people is not really recognized for these kinds of things). 

All I know about these things are thanks to the Internet. No one else showed me how to get work done, no one around me knew how. Of course this took a lot of practice, and yet, I know that I’m not perfect. There is still a whole world of learning for me. So I would like to say thanks to that anonymous teacher that showed me all I know, the Internet.

The time passed, every idea I had was getting more and more ambitious, and so, harder to make. It probably passed seven years without finishing a single project. Thankfully I’ve learned the way to present my works on the Internet. Seeing that people actually like what I work on makes me pumped and inspired enough to keep on. Who knows maybe my dream will become true? All I need is to keep working and never drop the passion, because each day I’m one step closer to grant the wish of the young me.

My name is Rodrigo Gómez Maitret, and my dream is to become a game designer.

I’ve seen that you guys post what your most influential games are, so I’ll put a list as well. I don’t know if they are my “most influential” games but at least the ones that I can pick up anytime and have fun, or in less words, my favorites (not in particular order):

  • Super Meat Boy: for being extremely challenging, fair and it probably has the best controls I’ve ever felt on a game. Made me consider thousands of aspects about game design, specially after seeing The Movie. All this without mentioning that Meat Boy is full of #swag.
  • Super Mario 64: for being my first game. Yeah, not all the times your first game is one of your favorites, it’s not nostalgia or anything. This game is so well made that it is still played to this day. Truly great.
  • The Binding of Isaac: for never stop being fun. Always different yet so challenging, can pick it up and play a round anytime.
  • Luigi’s Mansion: for being original and well made. Really nice controls, always fun.
  • Pokémon (in general): for making me spend my damn time on it each year. Damn good, can’t decide which version is the best, but I’d list them as: Black 2/White 2 (most fun), Black/White (most interesting), HeartGold/SoulSilver (best remake I’ve played and best feel), Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (most nostalgic).
  • Pikmin 2: a piece of art. Most original thing I’ve seen on a video game. Really good surroundings. It never ever looses its charm, always fun to play and it’s long as hell. Pikmin 2 is my favorite game of all.

Here’s the picture of this hot badass getting work done. Just look at the way he’s looking at you! I don’t even know why I let you see it, you don’t deserve it. Admire pure perfection…

This is a picture a friend took of me at my boarding school in Paris. Yes, I know my cartoon doesn’t look a think like me, I’ve been drawing myself like this since I was a kid and I’m just keeping with it.